What is Colloidal Silica?

  • Very small particles of amorphous silicon dioxide (SiO2), dispersed in water

  • Safe for both humans and the environment

  • Large surface area, due to the numerous small particles

  • The particles are usually electrically charged, why they can easily interact with one another or to other substances 

The properties of colloidal silica dispersions can be varied in many ways:

  • Concentration: 7– 50% silicon dioxide

  • Particle size distribution

  • Structure: Discrete particles (high S-value) or chains (low S-value)

  • Particle diameter: 2–100 nm

  • Surface area: 30-1100 m2/g

  • pH: 2–12

  • Modifications: ammonium, aluminate, chloride, silane, deionized