VAE Redispersible Powder
is a white free-flowing Vinyl Acetate-Ethylene copolymer base powder, readily redispersible in water to form stable emulsion. It combines the original characteristics of EVA emulsion with the special property of free flowing powder, and it is easy and convenient to handle and storage. Dry mixing with other powder materials such as cement, sand and aggregate at the factory can ensure consistent and reliable performance at the work site.

is used in combination of cement and plaster, or as a sole binder in other dry-mix formulation. VAE improves adhesion, flexural strength, abrasion resistance and workability in a variety of product sold in dry powder form, including thin-set mortars, tile adhesives, grout, finishing plasters and troweling compounds.

is a general purpose copolymer powder that can be used in the building materials and adhesives field as a binder component. In the general formulation the amount of VAE is about 5 to 20% based on the weight of cement.



 【Flow Sheet of VAEP 】 


 【Application for VAE】 

The main applications are as follows:
Thin-set mortars, tile adhesives, grouts, finishing plasters, troweling compounds, self-leveling underlayments, thermal insulation system and powdered paints.

★ Recommended ● Useful


 Tile Adhesives


 Tile Adhesives


 Joint Grouts




‧Reduce heat bridge
 effect and

‧Increase heat bridge
 effect and


 Self Leveling Compounds


 Repair Mortars


‧Improve flow properties
‧Improve wearability
‧Enhance tensileadhesion strength
‧Enhance bending  strength


‧Excellent adhesion
‧Low shrinkage
‧Excellent workability


 Gypsum Compounds


‧Excellentworkability, adhesive
‧Weather resistance
‧Reducing water absorption