Color Masterbatch

Features: stability of supply and delivery, flexibility of development of new products


PET color masterbatch
In recent years, due to the continuous fermentation of environmental issues, the dyeing process in the textile industry has been changed from the original back (water) dyeing to DOPE-DYE. By doing so, it is not necessary to go through traditional dyeing process, reducing water pollution. Among the PET color master batches, there are many types of color master batches distributed by our company, which can be used in various fields such as chemical fiber spinning, injection molding, film drawing, etc. At present, in addition to black and white, we can also cooperate with customers to match colors for different color needs.



Nylon color masterbatch
In the Nylon color masterbatch, in addition to the application of chemical fiber spinning, we have variety of color masterbatches, which can also be used in specific production methods such as injection molding, film stretching and blow molding. We mainly focus on black masterbatches.