Features: custom-make service, stable quality
Spinning application
In general chemical fiber production process, when yarn is spinning from the spinneret it needs to go through circular inflow quench air system. Sun Chemical acts as the agent for the relevant filter material. This type of filter is imported from Japan and can be customized the size required by the customer. The air inlet angle, air volume and airflow accuracy are quite stable. This filter has also been used by major chemical fiber factories in China for more than 20 years, and its quality is highly recognized by major chemical fiber factories.


Petrochemical industry
In addition to the chemical fiber field, filtering equipment has also been applied to other industries, such as chemical raw materials, distillates, gas filtration, etc., due to the continuous development, our filter system is also used in Power plants, polymerization plants, oil refineries, water purification plants, chemical raw materials plants, and gas plants.